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1.Where do you live?

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2.What is your most used means of transportation?

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3.Which option most closely resembles your flying habits per year?

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4.How would you describe your diet ?

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5.What are your purchasing habits?

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Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards becoming carbon neutral and helping the environment.

The next step is to purchase carbon offsets to balance out your emissions. 1 carbon offset = 1 tonne of emissions reduction. For example, if your calculated footprint is 12 tonnes Co2e you need to select 12 offsets to be carbon neutral.

The final step is to take action to reduce your carbon footprint going forward, so you’re emitting less in the future. For some creative ways to reduce your footprint you can read our Latest Blogs

Meanwhile, you have a way to act now by purchasing carbon offsets and going Carbon neutral today. Based on your footprint calculation responses, we have curated a selection of carbon offset projects for you. To view our recommendations, click on the button below.


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Pay a monthly subscription to cover your ongoing footprint for the year ahead.

Azzera will always offer your preferred / selected offsets when available.

In case your preferred offsets are not available Azzera will provide you with matching offsets profiles.