Kubratovo Wastewater Treatment Methane Capture Carbon Offset

$10.00/ tonne

  • Reducing sludge and waste transportation
  • Avoiding diesel fuel usage
  • Repurposing methane emissions for electricity and heat production




The Kubratovo Wastewater Treatment Plant Project is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is one of the largest in the Balkans. The aim of the project is to transform the existing low-tech sludge treatment process into a modern advanced treatment process, producing clean, renewable energy from biogas.

The impact of methane gas released in the atmosphere is 20-20% higher than CO2. Waste decomposition from treatment plants naturally decomposes and emits methane into the atmosphere.  To avoid this, methane produced in the Kubratovo wastewater treatment plant is captured in common methane tanks and then supplied to the newly installed CHP gas engines for electricity and heat production, which in turn will substitute both the plant’s electricity purchases from the grid and diesel fuel usage. Excess electricity is then supplied to the grid.


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