Bioenergy – Clean Energy from Biomass Residues Carbon Offset

$9.00/ tonne

  • Avoiding health damage from local air pollution by fossil fuel plants in the area.
  • Provide access to clean electricity.
  • Increase local farmer incomes



The natural way of dealing with biomass residue in the region is to let them decay on the field. Using biomass decomposition as a fuel to produce energy allows the production of clean and stable energy for local communities and provides a new way for local farmers to increase their income by selling agricultural waste.

Anhui Guzhen Biomass Generation Project is situated within Guzhen County, Anhui Province, P.R.China. The Project is invested, constructed, and operated by the National Guzhen Bio-Energy Co., Ltd. The Project installed one 130t/h boiler and one 30MW steam turbine generator. Rice straw, maize straw, peanut straw, and wood residues are used as fuel for power generation. The expected lifetime of the project is 20 years.

The Project achieves emission reductions by avoiding CO2 emissions from the same amount of electricity generation from the East China Power Grid, which is mainly composed of traditional fossil fuel-fired power plants.


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