Noles North Avoided Conversion Forest Carbon Offset

$23.00/ tonne

  • Avoiding forest conversion to agricultural land
  • Protecting shorebirds and wildlife
  • This project demonstrates high permanence for a long-term climate commitment



The Noles Farms Forest Conservation Projects is comprised of two farms (Noles Farm North and Noles Farm South) that collectively encompass 1026 acres of forested land in Washington and Hype Counties in North Carolina.

The property has been placed under a conservation easement with the USDA to ensure that the land will not be disturbed by human development. Without this protection, the forest would have been harvested, burned on site, and converted to agricultural land for wheat or corn crop production, like neighbouring properties.

The conservation is planned to take more than 100 years, sequestering about 10.000 of CO2 per year. The forest provides refuge for local species and migrating shorebirds in an ecological habitat fragmented by agriculture. It provides vital ecosystem services to the wetland’s groundwater maintenance and water filtration region.


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