Wind Power Generation

$14.00/ tonne

  • Installing wind turbines to avoid fossil-fuel energy production.
  • Creating jobs and opportunities for the wind energy sector in the region.



Close to 80% of electricity in Turkey is produced from carbon-intensive sources (coal, natural gas and oil). The cost of investment in renewable energies is a barrier to new installations and to the decarbonization of the sector. The project consists of 25 wind turbines with a 3,6 MW capacity. The estimated electricity generation of the project activity is 177,330 MWh per year. The efficient utilization of available wind energy by project activity will replace the grid electricity.

Cerit 90 MW WPP Project is developed by Pakmem Elektrik Üretim Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş at Çağlayancerit town in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey. The estimated emission reduction of the project activity is 101,437 tonnes of CO2e/year. Moreover, the project activity creates 15 job opportunities and further disseminates wind energy in the region.


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